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Skyline Rose on Ravelry

Skyline Rose

Skyline Rose cardigan pattern is now available on Ravelry – Linda Cooper @Mainlycardigans’ Ravelry Store A combination of a simple v-shaped pattern bordered by a 5-stitch lace pattern and a stocking stitch bodice defines this elegant cardigan. The cardigan is knitted flat from the bottom up working the back, two fronts and sleeves separately. It also features set-in sleeves. The …



I belong to several Facebook knitting groups. One thing that stands out for me as a designer is the number of times knitters vent their frustration about the patterns they are trying to knit. The common thread is twofold: They don’t understand the pattern instructions or the pattern does not make sense to them. Too often, when I look at …



The month of April had its fair share of rewards and tribulations. The beginning of the month saw Peter and myself returning home from a month in Ireland. Ireland is one of my favourite places to be – not only for its scenery, heritage and people but also because it is the home of Glenn, Vincent and Gabriel, our son …