Facebook groups, Ravelry store, published patterns, test knitters, errata and a huge thanks

Women Knitting

I belong to a few Facebook knitting groups. I love scrolling through what other knitters have made, reading their thoughts about their knitting, the patterns and yarn they are using and even the odd photo of their pet ‘helping’ them with their knitting.

Indeed, I often click a ‘like’ or a ‘love’ and sometimes even a ‘wow’ and, I also make comments on posts that really catch my eye.

In short, these Facebook groups are part of my knitting community. And, I love it.

I am in these groups as me – Linda Cooper but I make no secret of the fact that I am a knitwear designer. I post works-in-progress, stitch patterns (which are made available via my stitch library) and my finished designs.

Knitters often ask for my finished patterns and I direct them to my page on Ravelry (LindaCooper@MainlyCardigans Ravelry Store) where they will find them.

In the coming months, I will add four new cardigan patterns to my store beginning with Charcoal Rose and Irish Rose; with the former being added within a week and the latter by the beginning of next month.

Which, in a roundabout way leads me to test knitters and errata.

In the next few days I shall be adding to my webpage a new section devoted to these under the heading ‘Patterns’. Here, in drop-down menus will be three headings: Published Patterns, Test Knitters and Errata.

At some point soon, I do want to add a shop facility so you can get Mainly Cardigans knitwear direct. In the meantime, in the ‘Published Pattern’ dropdown will be photos and links to individual patterns on Ravelry.

In the drop-down ‘Test Knitters’, there will be a list of Mainly Cardigan patterns (along with photos) available for test knitting. Test knitters are very important people. They undertake to knit the cardigan pattern in the size they choose and alert the designer to any problems they come across while knitting. In doing so, they allow designers to ensure patterns are readable, clear, easy to follow and iron out potential problems or errors.

Photos of cardigans will be listed alongside what sizes need to be test knitted and I welcome knitters to email me via the Contact Form if you are interested in becoming a Mainly Cardigan’s test knitter.

Test knitters will be sent via email a copy of the pattern they wish to knit.

Despite working hard to make error free patterns, mistakes in knitting patterns do happen. We are human after all. In the ‘Errata’ dropdown, each design will have its own entry and it will be updated as necessary. Errata will also be updated on Ravelry.

Finally, I want to thank you all. Your support and encouragement inspire me to continue this path I have chosen for myself.

I am blessed.