Boysenberry Cardigan

Boysenberry Front

Hello everyone,

Some weeks fly by, the to-do list of chores/jobs magically get done and you still manage to walk most days, have catch-ups with friends and family and have quiet time for yourself and just knit.

Then, you have a week like this week – migraine headache and earache and everything just goes belly-up.

It is called life – there are ups and there are downs. The trick is to accept both and just live. As George Harrison’s 1970 studio album reflected: All Things Must Pass.

Today, I am feeling better and have enjoyed catching up with a friend on Zoom, put a beef stew in the slow cooker and am spending the afternoon, knitting.


Before I settle down with my knitting, I want to share with you my new design – Boysenberry Cardigan.

Boysenberry Back
Boysenberry Back

I have always loved the look of the boyfriend cardigan. You know the one – that big, comfy cardigan borrowed from the man in your life. It is snuggly and wraps you in its warmth.

Such a cardigan has inspired the Boysenberry cardigan.

It is not a cardigan that I normally knit – I am known for the fitted look with set-in sleeves. Some knitters refer to my design as being elegant, and I rather like that.

Even though this V-necked cardigan is not so fitted, it is still elegant.

The back of the cardigan is a simple cable repeat, and this cable is also on the sleeves. The fronts are stocking stitch with attached pockets in the cable stitch.

The pattern is available here on the website or on Ravelry.



Linda xx