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Redland Rose - Rear

A few weeks ago, I was asked if I would consider changing Oatmeal cardigan (Oatmeal on Ravelry) into a sweater or, as we would say, a jersey.

In all seriousness, I had never entertained doing such a thing.

But it got me thinking: why not?

I started looking at Oatmeal in a different light. What would need to change I asked myself and I this led to two questions:

  1. Do I keep the same scooped neckline or change it to a v-neck or round neckline?
  2. What about the textured patterns? Could I extend them to the side-seams or knitting the back and fronts in one piece to the armhole decrease?

Although I love my cardigans, I am excited to even think about re-designing Oatmeal into a sweater/jersey.

All I can say is – watch this space.

On the same lines, a knitter who bought Redland Rose (Redland Rose on Ravelry) has told me she intends to knit it as a sweater/jersey. I am so impressed with this.

It got me thinking how many of you look at a designer’s pattern and think of changing the pattern from a cardigan to sweater/jersey or vice-versa?

I would love to know how you go about it – what process do you go through in getting from A to B to C.

On another note: Mainly Cardigans first KAL is filling up fast and I am so looking forward to it. If you would like to register please see Mainly Cardigans first KAL post for more information.

A second KAL for international knitters is in the pipeline and, if you are interested in pre-registering please email  [email protected]  or let me know via the comment section.  I will post more information about it next week.

Finally, just remember this: Knitting is such a creative artform and we are all artists.


Linda xx


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      Linda Cooper

      Hi Pat, Yes, the KAL for children is in the pipeline. I am working on some design ideas at the moment but realistically, I have placed this KAL either later in the year or beginning of next year xx

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